Author Name: Jigyasa Srivastava



STARS TROUPE is a potpourri of poems and quotes reflecting the depth of my heart. With my words, I have tried to reach every soul. I have tried to pen every aspect which pinches my conscience. I have tried to listen to the steven voice of every topic. My creations in this book are from all shades of writing depicting my essence of life and perspective towards them. The themes include women empowerment, patriotism, love, nature, inspirational, life, melancholy, passion, society, and its norms, child – abuse, home violence, festivals, the voice of eternal bodies and many more. I hope this abode soothes your mind, enlivens your spirit and compels you to envisage your blazing crux, passion and gives you a different way of life. Every write up will appeal to you in some way and will give you a lease of life. STARS TROUPE can be a delight for broken, misguided, perplexed and shattered souls. I wish this book reaches to you in-depth with its vehement voice.


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